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Hi All,

I'm Caryl Bigenho aka SweetXOGrannie or Grannie B.  I retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District where for 30+ years I taught secondary maths, sciences, health science, computer science, and was a high school counselor. 

I joined the OLPC Support Gang when it was just starting out.  I mentor a dozen or so Contributors Program projects and do occasional writing for book sprints, "Grannies Guides" on the wiki, and answering RT questions. Sometimes I help with software testing.  I am reasonably fluent in both English and Spanish. 

I also have a set of refurbished XOs that I take around to meetings and conferences where I do presentations and lend machines to people interested in possibly doing Contributors Program projects.

My programming skills stopped with Pascal as my life took a different direction, out of the classroom and into the counselor's office.  I haven't played much with eToys yet but have had a lot of fun playing with Scratch.

My travels in Latin America have made me very aware of the importance of sanitation education.... hand washing, water purification, dental hygiene, food prep, proper sewage disposal (often totally lacking) and the like. I am also a strong advocate for environmental causes.

In addition to an interest in educational Activities focusing on sanitation issues, I share Sameer's interest in using the XO as a tool for healthcare providers (usually visiting nurses) in small remote villages with no infrastructure (such as many in Bolivia). Using an XO with appropriate peripherals and Activities to do health assessments would be excellent.  Even an Activity to do simple vision checks could be very useful.

One other thing.... I was diagnosed as a Type 2 dIabetic about 45 years ago and have, so far, had no complications.  I now use insulin.  I have a wealth of knowledge from a patient's perspective and can help with any work we do in that area.

I'm looking forward to helping in any way I can with this project!


Currently in Montana, USA (late May to late Sept) but also live in Southern California, USA the rest of the year... except when I am traveling!

> Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 20:43:31 +0700
> From: arjun at laptop.org
> To: beth at waveplace.org
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> Subject: Re: [Health] Introductions
> Hi ,
> I am Arjun Sarwal, currently based out of New Delhi, India.I interned
> twice at OLPC in their Cambridge headquarters and later also helped
> deploy the pilot project at Khairat India. Part focus of my second
> internship under guidance of Walter Bender was to work towards
> building the OLPC - Health community and encourage the establishment
> of a self sustainable ecosystem  around it.
> Some of my past projects in this broad area include development of
> Measure Activity, Heat testing of XO laptops, Public Health community
> building, Cow Power, OLPC India pilot deployment, Text to Speech on
> the XO, Turtle Art with Sensors.
> I am interested in many macro, technology and operations related
> aspects of ICT for development, and am open to taking up pro-bono
> consultancy projects every now and then.If you have something I could
> help on, please feel free to reach out.
> Best Regards
> Arjun
> On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 3:45 AM, Beth Santos <beth at waveplace.org> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > Now that I'm back in the USA, let's get people introduced to one another. I
> > think a good idea might be to first introduce ourselves and describe our
> > interests, then pair people up together (Etoys people with public health
> > people and such) to take on different units (I'm assuming at least the
> > majority of them will be based in Etoys so that teachers can edit them to
> > make them culturally relevant in various locations). Then we can get a
> > timeline going to see some of this stuff out.
> > So if you can just take a quick five minutes to introduce yourself and to
> > indicate what particular interests you have in terms of public health
> > projects, that'd be great!
> > I'm Beth and I'm the Outreach Coordinator for Waveplace Foundation. After
> > doing a few laptop pilots using Etoys and OLPC's XO laptop, what I realized
> > was really missing was some public health curricula that kids could use in
> > our (and other) laptop programs around the world. I have my own computer
> > program running in São Tomé that has benefitted from the Waveplace
> > courseware but has also done a lot of development on its own. I've also
> > worked in Haiti and St. John with Waveplace.
> > Lots of interest in terms of public health, nothing in particular comes to
> > mind, though I do have experience with malaria and AIDS prevention
> > initiatives.
> > Excited to be working with all of you and hoping that we can get some great
> > work together!
> > Take care,
> > Beth
> > PS Etoys Education Team-- I cc'ed you on this email in case any of you are
> > interested in joining us on the OLPC listserv, which is our home even though
> > it's technically a Waveplace project that we're doing. Let me know and I'd
> > be happy to add you, or sign up yourself to the OLPC list at least!
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> > Outreach Coordinator
> > Waveplace Foundation
> >
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> > Cell: +1 603 661 1273
> > http://www.waveplace.org
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