[Health] UN, Vodafone, and the Rockefeller Foundation launch a mhealth campaign

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The UN, Vodafone, and the Rockefeller Foundation's mHealth Alliance have
launched a 'Mobile health' campaign, says a news item on the BBC website:

Science and technology reporter, BBC News, Barcelona - 17 February 2009

The UN/Vodafone Foundation Partnership aims to unite existing projects to
improve healthcare using mobile technology, and will 'guide governments,
NGOs, and mobile firms on how they can save lives in the developing world'.

'The partnership is now calling for more members to help in mHealth
initiatives..."The biggest problem is fragmentation of small projects," says
Ms Thwaites [head of UN/Vodafone Foundation Partnership]. "A lot of the work
being done on the ground is NGO- and foundation-led, but let's join those
efforts with the Microsofts and the Qualcomms and the Intels and the
Vodafones. There's a business case for it now; you have to have the
experience of the NGOs on the ground talking to the big corporates out there
and creating real business models, and that's why I think the mHealth
Alliance can tackle that."'

The Partnership has published a 'groundbreaking' mHealth for Development
report, which is available at:

The second half of the report contains descriptions of more than 50 projects
ranging from eLearning, HMIS, telemedicine and patient-centric applications.



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