[Health] OpenEEG project

Niels Olson niels.olson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 23:45:24 EST 2008

just fyi


Niels Olson
Tulane School of Medicine
Class of 2009
niels.olson at gmail.com
h/c: (410) 212-1281
alt:  (443) 221-4648

This message may contain private information for persons named above.
Please don't share that information with anyone without a need to
know. If you received confidential information without a PGP wrapper,
assume it was compromised, delete it, tell the sender, and try to tell
the victim. Please don't send someone else's private information if
you're not reasonably certain the recipient has a need to know and
that the message will be kept private. Plain email is not private. In
some cases, such as health information protected under the US HIPAA
law or information protected under the US Privacy Act, plain email may
be illegal. If you must relate a person's identity to their private
information in email, use Hushmail or insist your recipients provide
you their PGP public key. My public key is here:

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