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Sorry to post a bit late on this thread. Can we start a page on ways
to get involved which lists links to each project , for example this
one, and this is also a great example of a page that clearly outlines
how you can _immediately_ get involved and start to contribute...


On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 12:50 PM, Mel Chua <mel at melchua.com> wrote:
> I made a stub page for health books that Chris found tonight that need
>  to be edited and made into a content bundle. They're pretty neat - they
>  take potentially lifesaving but usually-presented-as-boring materials
>  like "how to care for someone with a fever" and rewrite them as
>  childrens' stories which are... actually somewhat entertaining.
>  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Childrens_Health_Books
>  The page has some thoughts on what needs to be done (which is mainly a
>  strawman begging for improvement) - Lynne May (a teacher, also my aunt)
>  has enthusiastically volunteered to figure out what needs to be done to
>  make these books more useful for OLPC Health and other audiences, to do
>  at least some of the editing that's needed, and to help us use this as a
>  good example of curricular design thinking in general.
>  It's a good opportunity to prototype some good learning activities that
>  could potential be supported by short videos / Activities (in the
>  software / computer-game sense) simulating... the spread of germs, or a
>  nutrition planner, or whatever other assorted optional resources we can
>  think of. That's pretty ambitious, though, and in the short term I'd
>  just love to have these as an activity bundle. (And then find a way for
>  that bundle to get used with actual kids - that's the next fun part.)
>  I'd really like to do this by the weekend after next (the first weekend
>  in May) so we can print, bind, and show off copies at the Cambridge
>  Science Festival. (Hello, Edward!) Perhaps some of the folks coming to
>  Linuxfest Northwest might want to pitch in. (Hello, Iain!)
>  Anyway, another thing out there now - Health is picking up momentum (w00t!)
>  -Mel
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