[Health] GNUmed for OLPC

Sebastian Hilbert sebastian.hilbert at gmx.net
Sat May 3 13:21:58 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I am very new to the OLPC initiative. I am a doctor by profession and medical 
software developer by choice. I am involved with the GNUmed medical record 
software. I am wondering if you see any use in tests of this software in OLPC 

GNUmed (wiki.gnumed.de) is free software and is written in python and wxpython 
(GTK). It usually connects to a postgresql server but could also be made 
store its data in a sqlite database.

I admit I know very little about medical IT needs in OLPC environments. maybe 
it is just pure overkill and out of scope.

I imagine two possible uses. The individual OLPC could be used to enter very 
basic demographic information so organizations involved get a picture of who 
is in need of medical care (in general). the hardware (microphone and camera 
can be used to assess medical condtitions such as skin conditions or wounds 
and could then be assessed by more centralized medical personell like in a 
city. The use of Wifi coupled with asynchronous wifi networks (see 
http://www.nilshettich.com/olpcblog/) could transfer medical/health 
information both ways.

Maybe this is just my Western thinking. In case this is way off the needs in 
OLPC environments just discard this message.

I am greatful for any reply.
Sebastian Hilbert 
Leipzig / Germany
[www.gnumed.de]  -> PGP welcome, HTML ->/dev/null

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