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Arjun Sarwal arjun at laptop.org
Sat Mar 29 14:42:43 EDT 2008

Hello Tribley,

I am glad to know of your interest, welcome to the OLPC-Health
project. This is the correct place to introduce yourself and ask
questions, please feel free to do so and initiate and participate in
related discussions!

As a start you might like to see information on some existing projects
and people on the following wiki pages. Some of these are similar to
the  projects that you talk about in your email
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Health (overview, projects)
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Health/Vision (vision statement)
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Health/People (people involved, you might
like to add your name there)

I don't know if anyone would be attending the conferences that you
have mentioned about. However it'd be great if you could present about
the work and plans of the OLPC-Health initiative. As far as I know (I
speak as an individual) volunteers are free to use all materials off
the OLPC wiki page, and are encouraged to make presentations ,
participate in community building activities and encourage interested
participations and organizations to contribute and get involved.

Not related to the recent health project, but presentations that
people have made about OLPC over the past are here

There is also an upcoming Health Jam towards the end of April that
Seth, Mel and many others are organizing. Also, you might like to post
on the list if you have questions about any specific projects that you
might like to cover more in detail in your presentation.

Once again, thank you for your support and interest, we look forward
to working with you.


On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 1:34 AM, Tribley, Lloyd
<tribleyl at ahca.myflorida.com> wrote:
> Hi ~ I am new to the OLPC health list so I hope I do not ask a question
>  already addressed. I just received my laptop a few days ago.
>  By way of introduction I wear multiple hats (like most of us). I work
>  for the State of FL in the Office of Health Information Technology
>  (HIT). We are the office moving forward HIT/HIE initiatives along with
>  our RHIOs. "On the side," my wife and I have Tribley~Wu & Associates and
>  we focus on collaborative initiatives in China in the HIT field,
>  translation/interpreter services and economic development. I have also
>  worked - somewhat - with the VA VistA system which is being deployed by
>  one of our RHIOs to a variety of health clinics in underserved areas. I
>  also have a strong background in health policy, education and training
>  of paraprofessional health workers, the disability field, rural
>  community development, and accessible electronic and information
>  technology for persons with disabilities of all ages. I hope to finish a
>  TESOL graduate program later this year.
>  I wanted to ask if anyone will be attending the upcoming ATA
>  telemedicine conference in Seattle April 6-8. If so I hope you can share
>  telemedicine/telehealth developments/innovations with the members and
>  the OLPC Wiki. I'm also interested if anyone will be presenting or
>  attending HIMSS AsiaPac in Hong Kong this year. Both programs offer a
>  great opportunity for OLPC exposure. I will be presenting at the
>  upcoming Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities in April and will take
>  my OLPC along to begin exposing the international disability community
>  to the program. I will also be presenting to the HIMSS FL Chapter in
>  May. If you have any recommendations for me they are surely appreciated.
>  I am also looking for an OLPC approved PowerPoint I can use along with
>  material I can distribute.
>  Thank you for you patience with a new member! :-)
>  Lloyd...
>  -----
>  Lloyd J. Tribley, MS
>  Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis
>  Office of Health Information Technology
>  Agency for Health Care Administration
>  Tallahassee, FL 32308
>  Work: +1.850.414.9634
>  Cell: +1.850.445.4973
>  Hong Kong/SAR: +852.8172.0067
>  Skype: tribleyl
>  Visit us at:  www.FloridaHealthFinder.gov - www.fhin.net
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