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> I would personally love to see a variety of other health maps, such as
> * bird migrations in China overlaid on swine, chicken and human flu
> outbreaks over time

Try this animation on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), for overlay
of select appropriate tab

The animation nicely adds a temporal element that is quite useful.

> * River Blindness risk, incidence and treatment, with any indications
> of resistance to medications among the worms responsible
> * HIV-AIDS incidence and trends along with various government and
> other education and prevention programs, and risk factors such as sex
> slavery
> * TB, including Multi-Drug Resistant TB, correlated with public health
> spending and government policies
> * Malaria correlated with bed net distribution and medication programs
> * Availability and cost of medicines for these and other endemic
> diseases of the poor correlated with patent and manufacturing data
> I'm sure that anybody here can add extensively to this list. For each
> of these, the first question is, who has any data? And then we have
> the whole process of aggregating data, cleaning it, mapping it, and
> making the maps publicly available to other researchers and to the
> public. Then we can ask how to gather better data, and what to do
> about the problems revealed in the maps.

UN FAO has a number of resources of this sort.  In many cases, it is going
to be one UN organization or the other that has the suitable datatsets for
global mapping of these issues.  You should spend some time browsing through
their web-pages, it's enlightening.

FAO GeoNetwork

Here's another resource link for you from the Global Spatial Data
Infrastructure (GSDI) Association.
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