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Read on the "OLPC France" list:


Hi all:

As the creator and developer of the software, I’d like to invite you all to
a discussion. We can start it now or simply wait until May 16th.

“Learning Now v1” should only be considered – for now - in order to
visualize a concept which I feel is needed when bringing computer equipment
to young people or adults in need of training (such as alphabetization,
literacy, general training courses, high tech courses, etc
).  We all want
for these computers to be used to bring people together and closer to each
other, to learn about other cultures and systems and to establish links and
relationships with people from their own community, surroundings and many
other communities worldwide.

We want these computers to be used to preserve the people’s culture and
environments, to archive their knowledge – savoir et savoir faire – and
their art.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to load on an XO or on any computer - full of
dust somewhere (or not!) - a piece of software that allows to do just that?
Educate, offer ways to open up to the world, to archive cultures, and to be
able to evaluate the progress of each young one, to modify content when the
response is not as positive as desired, to establish a global network where
every single unit it connected?

Even the best computer fully loaded with all the best software won’t get us
very far if we do not find a way to get the young users - via a “central
nervous system” - to receive the education needed and to use the machine to
create active and positive projects for themselves and their community. We
need some piece of software here to get all these pieces linked together to
hold their hand and guide them step by step until they can fly on their own.
We also need to load the best GNU multimedia software available.

I’ve been working on this concept for 4-5 years – kind of my “personal
obsession” - and the software that came out of my work – Learning Now v1 “
is offering a possible solution – although still not perfect nor completed.
With it, you can:

   - Use any type of computer (Windows, Linux or Apple).
   - Create interactive Training Courses and Presentations of all types and
for all ages (5 to 90 years old) – with tracking system of progress.
   - Build Free Internet or Intranet Training Centers.
   - Distribute courses and presentations on the web or on CDs to reach
those who need free education worldwide.
  - Create Electronic Community Centers (“local” web sites) filled with
collections of cultural archives, story books, catalogs and interactive
training courses developed and updated with the support of local educators
and reflecting your own cultural identity.
  - Easily adapt existing single or series of training courses to other
languages, other cultural environment, respecting local belief and
  - Motivate local community groups to join their efforts to preserve
[digitize] their own culture, and to offer high tech training courses to
young adolescents and adults to learn all the software tools required to
feed the archive, personalize existing courses, etc

I invite you to think about this and to get together at the SugarCamp for a
brainstorm session. The more brains the better!

I like to think often that “there are no problems, only solutions”. Team
work is a very powerful tool. And when one needs to move a big mountain,
it’s easy when moving one stone at a time.

Cheers and see you à La Cantine,


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Hi all,
The SugarCamap event in Paris will enjoy the participation of Fabrice
the developer of "Learning Now / Apprendre maintenant"!

Let's quote from it's website http://freeeducationcenter.com/ :
"Learning Now v1 (Apprendre Maintenant v1)* is a brand new educational tool
originally designed for a 15 to 35 years-old public. Today's version can be
for a larger audience. It is a great new (Freeware - open source) software
building interactive and multimedia books, courses, presentations, digital
and educational games for all ages. The project initiated in Jamaica in
September 2004 with the support of the UNESCO in Kingston."

How could we sugarize it's educational suite?

The application is developed in Adobe Flashplayer 10. I got it working with
Web browser Epiphany but not with gnash.

Do you see any chance to share this educational tool for the XO users?

If you manage to particpate to the SugarCamp in Paris, feel free to aks how
could work together toward the sugarization of "Learning Now".

Thank you for your comments


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