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Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Tue Feb 24 06:06:25 EST 2009

Yama Ploskonka wrote:
> A while back I had a conversation with Adam and SJ, and this idea came 
> to me, about a TV show whose theme would be super-children, the XO Kids.
> Sort of Spy Kids 3 meets CJ7 meets Teletubbies, and all together in 
> Sesame Street ...
> I kept going slowly.
> Providentially a nephew of mine and a couple of his fellows are 
> published comic magazine authors with a name already, despite being only 
> 14 years old ... They accepted to do a few drafts, available at
> http://xokids.com
That's a great idea! And it is amazing what the teenies did ...
> Publishing a comic is a lot cheaper to do than a TV show, but I am 
> already in contact with a producer and great friend in Uruguay seeing 
> possibilities for filming.
> I left total creative freedom to the artists, so I do not know exactly 
> where they are going to carry the story (my sister tells me they're 
> doing a couple of plates per week), but the storyline is basically about 
> this group of children encountering some anthropomorphic XOs (we decided 
> that these came from an underground civilization that had its origins 
> when a spacecraft collided with the Earth many years ago).  The children 
> in this encounter gain super-powers and become friends with the XOs, and 
> together live many adventures. (an obvious superpower is to be able to 
> communicate using the mesh ... a fantasy world :-))
> The adventures obviously have a strong educational component, with a 
> special section in each magazine. Side note: my knowledge of 
> hydroponics, which indirectly got me tenure in Montevideo years ago, 
> began with a Donald Duck magazine where the nephews used this 
> technology, so I can attest to the potential of comics to introduce 
> valuable ideas.
There sure will be an Etoys section?

> Another element that I want to add is interactivity, a website where 
> children can not only find the stories, but live virtual adventures 
> where kids themselves are the protagonists.
> Now seeking funding to publish the first issue, and to try out some 
> ideas on the web, and ideally even support a pilot for television. If 
> any of you have contact with any company or advertising, please connect us!
> Yamandu
> uncle to 'Plosko', one of the authors of XO Kids
> BTW, I had to wait until mid February to pick up xokids.com, as only 
> then was it coming available.  .net and .org are available now.  Maybe 
> someone friendly should fetch them.
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