[Grassroots-l] Localization Digest, Vol 16, Issue 14

LASKE, Lionel (C2S) LLASKE at c2s.fr
Tue Jun 10 08:35:51 EDT 2008

> You really want that everyone who thinks that 150 euros is not soo
> much and that the XO looks sweet and otherwise has no technical know
> how will need to unscrew the XO and change the keyboard?

Okay, let's imagine that every buyer of the G1G1 Europe will be a hacker or a geek.
So don't just spend time to assemble the XO, put all pieces in a box and let each buyer to "build itself its XO" like a Meccano. Don't take time to setup a build on it, each buyer will go to the web site to download the latest build and flash it using an USB key.
Is it really your idea ?

Hmmm, my feeling it's very different. When I (finally) received my G1G1 from US, I was very proud to give it to my seven year's old son and seen that without help he could really play and learn with it.

OLPC means One Laptop Per CHILD or One Laptop Per COMPUTER-GEEK ?

See you soon at Hacker Space Festival in Paris ;-)


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