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On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 6:37 PM, Bryan Berry <bryan.berry at gmail.com> wrote:
> Tim Mercer wrote:
>> Forgive me, I'm new to this, I've looked through the FAQs but can't find
>> the answer I'm looking for.  I'm trying to deliver an IT workshop to
>> around 60 teenagers in Kisumu, Kenya in August.
>> I understand from the website the following:
>> *     no orders for less than 10,000 laptops
>> *     Kenya is not in the first wave of deployments (green), Kenya is
>> in the second wave (red)

That plan is entirely out of date. I don't know why the old country
deployment promises are still on the Wiki.

>> Can anyone tell me:
>> *     when does the second wave start?
>> *     What NGOs doing work in Kenya are signed up to OLPC?

As far as I know, there are no deployment plans for Kenya. I would be
delighted to be proven wrong, but I haven't seen any announcements,
and there is no announced keyboard for Kenya.

>> Thanks.
>> Tim
> Here in Nepal we received 200 machines through the Give Many program. It
> was a pretty arduous bureaucratic process to go through and the Give
> Many program is in a constant state of flux.
> Steve Holton wrote:
>> As I understood, deployments are targeted toward government-run
>> educational institutions. Thus 10,000 units makes sense as a minimum.
>> (There are, however, rumors of 'give many' programs where deployments
>> of as few as 100 machines can be arranged.)

That's what http://laptopfoundation.org/participate/givemany.shtml
says. It also provides a contact e-mail address for the program.

> Many, many pilots are happening outside of the Depts of Education but
> all of them are targeted to government schools. Reliance Telecom is
> leading many of the pilots in India, Pies Descalzos is leading a pilot
> of 700 laptops in Colombia, and Carlos Slim of Mexico has bought 50,000
> XO's for I don't know what.
> Here in Nepal, the pilots are implemented by an NGO (OLE Nepal - my
> employer) in partnership w/ Nepal's dept. of education.
> In general, NGO's can do pilots w/ XO's but it takes a lot of legwork to
> get the machines because OLPC's apparatus isn't set up for small orders
> Bryan Berry
> Kathmandu
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