[Grassroots-l] pilot project working group

Gregor Martynus (OLPC Deutschland) gregor at olpc-deutschland.de
Thu Jan 24 16:43:00 EST 2008

Hello everyone!

During our olpc europe IRC chat today, we had the idea, to start a pilot
project working group.
(Summary of todays meeting:

Though it's an idea by OLPC Europe, I'm not sure wether we should limit this
working group to Europe.
But we have to start somehow ;-)

 * If you know about european Pilot Projects, describe it here:
 * To exchange your experience and your ides, start here
 * If you want to contribute, leave your name here

As I'm quite new to wiki's, I'm open for suggestions to use the wiki in a
more common way.

Regards from Germany,
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