[Grassroots-l] Wiki curator/coordination/organization

Iain (XO) Davidson xo at myna.ws
Tue Jan 15 06:24:29 EST 2008

   The answer is yes.  For those folks who have been frustrated by some
mis-organization or in-consistencies in Wiki pages.  Looking for input and

If you have an urge to start cleaning up wiki pages left and right, please
join up with the growing group people , who want to spearhead it and get it
done! :-)

Hopefully, start with a plan of attack.. Then recruit others to help make
some of the smaller edits/cleanup stuff too.

p.s. I've heard from Nikki, and Mel so far..  also Seth for helping be a
contact point for some of the online image collections.

On Jan 13, 2008 11:10 PM, Seth Woodworth <sethw at windermere.com> wrote:

> As far as curating, I would be willing to taking  the curation of flickr
> and librivox as content sources.
> But I'm not sure that Grassroots is the list to discuss this, unless we
> are talking about recruiting interested parties from this list?
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