[Grassroots-l] OLPC Europe Meeting at FOSDEM (Re: Europe Group

Lucas Bonnet lbonnet at bearstech.com
Thu Jan 10 11:24:37 EST 2008

Holger Levsen a écrit :

> When I'm online again, I will setup a wiki page on wiki.laptop.org to prepare 
> an agenda for the meeting (and post a followup to announce it) and to collect 
> the names of the participants of this meeting.

You can count me (and the company I work for) in, we'll try to send someone 
there to help and participate in the creation of OLPC Europe (along with OLPC 

I'll update the page to add us once it's up, but I send the mail now as a way 
to remind myself :)

Lucas Bonnet
Bearstech - http://bearstech.com/

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