[Grassroots-l] Invitation -- OLPC's Community Support Volunteer Program

Holt holt at laptop.org
Sun Jan 6 21:39:50 EST 2008

Dear Grassroots Supporters,

Would you like to volunteer with the energetic team of 40 people 
worldwide I've organized to provide Tech Support to XO laptop owners 
worldwide?  We've started by helping over 1000 people participating in 
the Give1Get1 program in the USA and Canada for now -- answering their 
questions to the best of our ability.

Do you have exceptional writing, technical and/or organizational abilities?
Are you naturally supportive and friendly towards those who are eager to 
just get started?
Do you demonstrate sincerity, appreciate an earnest team, and truly 
adore learning?

If so, please read over the following 3 pages carefully:

In short, if you'd like to commit to volunteer in any capacity related 
to Tech Support, we have an exceptionally dedicated team that meets 
online daily and by phone weekly.  We welcome you to find your own place 
on our team, whatever that is!  Please email me a summary of your 
talents, motivations along with your phone number, and the best times to 
call you.  A brief phone is all it takes to get started, thanks!!!

PS We are all English speakers for now, but Spanish speakers 
particularly welcome going forward, Gracias :)

OLPC Support (http://support.laptop.org)

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