[Grassroots-l] [Community-news] [sugar] where is Walter? (why show up in Illinois?)

Jameson "Chema" Quinn jquinn at cs.oberlin.edu
Thu Apr 24 19:47:13 EDT 2008

> >  >  How does one invite him to State Senate Hearings? Darah or who? Does
> >  >  he have an appointments secretary?
> Why would you invite Nicholas to a State Senate Hearing?  What would that
> accomplish?  I have the general sense that people would like to advocate for
> passage of this bill in the Senate, and that there are people who would like
> to show up at the senate hearing, but I'm not clear on who they are, where
> such a trip is being organized, or what the desired outcome would be.  There
> is clearly some support for the bill -- would you aim to cement it?  To
> oppose expected opposition or alterations?  To push for specific
> alterations?   Advocacy needs clear purpose.
> Here is the bill status, for those interested:
> http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocTypeID=HB&DocNum=5000&GAID=9&SessionID=51&LegID=35963
> SJ
> There is another possibility, in my mind the most important: as a way of
getting OLPC publicity, as advertising targeted at schools interested in
using these funds.
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