[Grassroots-l] creation of local feedback groups

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Apr 21 13:34:12 EDT 2008

Zitat von Bryan Berry <bryan.berry at gmail.com>:

> Tomeu,
> tomeu wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> now that a considerable number of people are starting to use the first
>> minimally complete version of Sugar, may be a good moment to discuss
>> and agree on which is the best way for feedback to reach us the
>> developers.
> This is the right idea. The key would be for the coordinators of the
> local feedback groups to summarize but not filter or bias the response
> w/ their own concerns.  Most local volunteers are tech-oriented (like
> myself) and it is easy for us alter the feedback we get or selectively
> hear or magnify the responses that match our own.
> We need info from groups that don't use the tools of open-source trade
> -- wikis, mailing lists, IRC.
> We will be providing a lot of feedback from our pilots starting this
> Friday. How should we send that feedback to the Sugar Team?
> the best persons on the OLE Nepal team to provide this feedback are
> Kamana Regmi and Bipul Gautam, two teachers who are not familiar w/
> wikis, IRC, mailing lists, etc. It would be easiest if they had an
> e-mail address to send their responses to. They would be very confused
> by the tech talk on Sugar-Request and Devel-Request.

I agree that it's absolutely necessary to keep the barrier to entry for 
this feedback as low as possible. While e-mails are certainly a good 
start I'd like to see the submitted information also be added to an 
online-database because I find mailing-list archives to be a consistent 
pain the ass when it comes to retrieving previous communication and 
information. A searchable and taggable database would certainly make 
that easier.

Plus we also have to consider the fact that many of the people giving 
the most valuable feedback (=teachers) might not even speak English and 
it would be important to keep a record of their original feedback 

In terms of the organizational structure it might make sense to have 
some sort of feedback-liaison in each group. So for example if OLPC 
people on the ground in Peru want to find out what's happening in Nepal 
they'd just have to contact one person directly instead of asking their 
way around. Should we maybe set up a wiki page for that kind of 


> If I summarize the input I will inevitably filter the information and
> magnify what I think is coolest.
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