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Mike Hahn mike at treenimation.net
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Hi Luke,

What I had in mind was a sort of "Delphi for Dummies" (a tool, not a
book) for XO users (I have been programming in Delphi for over 11
years). I find that almost all GUI software development tools are hard
to learn. Even Python for Windows was mystifying to me, at first. But
Treescript is designed to have a gentler learning curve. For more info,
please visit http://www.treenimation.net and click on "TIDE Design
Specs" (under Links).

Treescript has 4 features making it easy to learn: 1) dual
binary-operator syntax modes (prefix/infix), defaults to prefix; 2)
hierarchical, context-sensitive code menus, accessed by pressing
question mark (?); 3) dual code-entry modes (structure/free-form),
defaults to structure; 4) reusable board game components, enabling
non-programmers to create games without coding.

Of course Treenimation is highly experimental, and its rather lofty goal
of making the programming of board games accessible to both
non-programmers and novice programmers alike might well prove difficult
to attain. But I feel that I must make the attempt, having spent the
better part of a decade (working sporadically) on designing

I'm not working on this alone; my partner, Jake Beard, is helping me
develop the version of Treenimation that runs in a web browser (that
version will not be written in Python). So that's the Treenimation
Project in a nutshell.


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Mike Hahn wrote:
> Hi all,
> For those of you who are interested in programming board games for the
> XO Laptop, I just thought you might like to visit
> http://www.treenimation.net. Treenimation is actually 3 projects: 1)
> play/create games in your web browser; 2) use Python to create games
> the XO Laptop; 3) use an easy-to-learn scripting language called
> Treescript (based on Java) to create games for the XO Laptop.
Why would you make a scripting language based on Java implemented in
Python?  Why not just use Python?
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