[OLPC-Games] Game framework development

Tom pytom at bishoujo.us
Wed Oct 3 20:46:44 EDT 2007

I just saw this while going through my back email. I'd like to point you 
to my Ren'Py framework, available at http://www.renpy.org/. Several of 
the projects made with it are educational, such as:




It's not for every game, of course, but if you need help getting things 
going on a particular platform, please let me know.

Clare Richardson wrote:
> What is the status of creating game frameworks or engines in Pygame for
> easier game development? I believe there was some work done for a Summer
> of Code project, but I can't find anything on the wiki about it.
> We've got a real need for this at Girlstart, since we have 50 - 60 girls
> designing and developing their own games starting in Jan '08 (see my
> previous email re: Project IT Girl for details). We want to make sure
> this isn't a project management nightmare! We need usable frameworks for
> different types of games to make it easy for them to succeed in writing
> their game.
> Who would be interested in working on this in the next 3 months?  We
> need to work out some details, but we have funding we can put towards it
> and we have the girls' preliminary game ideas. We just need YOUR Pygame
> expertise and time!!
> Clare Richardson
> Technology and Program Coordinator
> Girlstart
> clare at girlstart.org
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