[OLPC-Games] OLPC XEyes

Don Hopkins dhopkins at DonHopkins.com
Mon Nov 26 11:44:55 EST 2007

Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> I think he was using it as an example of a "dirt simple X application",
> rather than as a *particularly* needed application.  Taking the icon and
> title from the X icon and title has (I think) already been added (would
> have to ask about that), but the installation and specification of the
> activity so that it shows up in the launch bar doesn't AFAIK work yet.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, somebody sugarize XEyes!
It's the cutest X application that runs on the OLPC without any 
We just need a way to launch it from the frame!


Now you can see why my OLPC has tooth marks in the handle:



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