[OLPC-Games] Anyone interested in a Game Jam?

Daniel Monteiro Basso daniel at basso.inf.br
Wed Nov 21 20:02:27 EST 2007

I've been wanting to make something similar for a long time too... I
wrote some (3d) physics simulation stuff a while ago, and would like to
make it more suitable for children. I think the key is to write more
simplification layers, but let all of them visible (and modifiable) to
those more curious.

To solve the performance issues, the physics engine could run on a
server, where several clients could interact. My code was designed with
that in mind, but should be rewritten from scratch (and this time in
python ;)

You may take a look at: http://www.lec.ufrgs.br/~dmbasso/phi

One application of this framework that I think would be very attractive
to children is robot soccer. Hopefully I'll get some time to implement
it :)



Em Qua, 2007-11-21 às 15:34 -0700, Bil Simser escreveu:
> Is this not similar to the old crobots (or pascal or whatever flavor) from
> long ago? There was an engine driving it and gave you basic constructs for
> your robot. You wrote it in a c-like scripting language and set them off on
> the battlefield. Microsoft's terrarium was similar to this, except you built
> bugs in .NET and uploaded them to a server. I've been wanting to do
> something like this for awhile where people could learn developing through a
> fun interface, just haven't figured out the mechanics yet.

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