[OLPC-Games] XO Quiz

Chris Hager chris at linuxuser.at
Fri Nov 16 18:44:26 EST 2007

Hy. Just wanted to let you know about our current project: 'xo quiz'!

It's an educational quiz-game for the xo where questions are answered by 
clicking on the
appropriate part of an image (maps, ...). It's actually real fun and you 
pick up a lot of knowledge
while playing (or programming). Have a preview on it here:

We think about building the database with help from contributers / 
users. It's possible to submit new questions
online (quick, easy and without registration) and rate other 
contributions. The second part of the project
will be be building the xo-application. The concept is to fully utilize 
xo-features like collaboration (multiplayer
games), networking (exchangable modules/categories over mesh and 
schoolserver), the ability to create,
share and rate new questions by xo-users, etc.

What do you think about that? Comments, critics, ideas, help ... all 
highly appreciated :-)

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