[OLPC-Games] Introducing myself ...

Lincoln Quirk lincoln at techhouse.org
Sun Apr 22 02:28:30 EDT 2007


Sorry for being silent earlier; I've been extremely busy these past few
days. I've finally subscribed to the list, though, so you will probably
hear me chime in more often. Responses below...

On Apr 13, 2007, at 9:45 PM, Kent Quirk wrote:

> My thought is that Lincoln (disclosure: he's my son) will be  
> focusing on the SDL / C++ / PyGame source level of development,  
> building out the collection of tools on which everything else will  
> be built. He's done a fair amount of linux and python development  
> and has systems programming experience.

I'm flexible. It sounds like OLPC is in crunch mode right now, so I'm
willing to help out with high-priority tasks in many areas, but yeah,
this is my main avenue of interest.

Ben Sawyer wrote:
> 1. See that we generate an SDK and libraries that make game  
> developers go OMG whoever did this knew what they were doing.  That's  
> critical to the credibility we want to have to get more people doing  
> things.

Definitely. I hope to be a main contributor to this - the trampoline
that lets lots of people contribute.

> 2. See that we build some high level toolkits for kids building games  

Also a very good idea.

On 4/15/07, Ben Sawyer <bsawyer at dmill.com> wrote:
>I'm just starting to put notes together - lets look at this to start:
>XO Adventure Story System
>This is an overview document for an interactive fiction authoring
>system for the XO laptop.  We envision this to be a robust but simple
>system that will allow users to create their own adventure stories on
>the laptop.  The system will be written in Python w/PyGame elements
>if needed.

I would definitely be interested in such a project, although it looks
a little too ambitious for a summer's worth of work. But I'd like to
keep the ideas going, so I'll follow the wiki. (Did this make it to the
wiki, and if so, which page?)

Lincoln Quirk

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