[OLPC-Games] GCompris running on the OLPC XO

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at free.fr
Sat Apr 14 11:19:49 EDT 2007

Le samedi 14 avril 2007 à 07:49 -0700, Samuel Klein a écrit :
> Bruno, that's great... do you have any benchmarking notes on how fast
> the components run relative to one another?  Of course we'll have to
> redo any speed tests in a month, but it would be nice to have a set of
> speed tests to run. 

How can I measure speed in GCompris, I can see it's slow but it's hard
to put a number on it.

When display large images like the background, we can see it being
painted in large chunks, it's annoying but I consider it acceptable. In
the latest release of GCompris we introduced a command line switch to
not display background images, this is probably a good candidate here
because it will also save flash space.

In activities were we have some animations it's more problematic because
it changes the activity duration. For example, in the water cycle
activity, it takes too much time for Tux to reach his house so the
children has to wait. In this case we use an animated gif, we could
easily use a regular image and that would probably be ok. Well, all
activities with animations, even without gif needs to be review to
include a bigger move step (less fluidity) and save CPU.

I can see also that playing the background music (an ogg file through
sdl mixer) takes 30% of the CPU. I don't think we will include the
background music at all anyway and we save CPU and Flash space again.

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