[Etoys] Connect two or more eToys Worlds

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri May 22 01:27:46 EDT 2009

On 21.05.2009, at 20:01, Mauro Esposito wrote:

> Hi,
> my query is: I want to connect two (or more) laptops to interact  
> each other. I don't know if it is possible, but I found an option  
> called "Telemorphic" and I think that it could be useful for my  
> idea. The problem is that I can't find out the way it works. I want  
> to share the same "world" to develope i.e. multiplayer games or some  
> like that..
> I tried to connect one laptop to the other (I have a LAN) using the  
> network IP ( or but I got an error.
> The Transcript showed:
> My address is
> Remote hand theOtherPc waiting for a connection...
> Connecting to remote WorldMorph at
> and the exeption is raised in the method
> primGetNameInfo: socketAddress flags: flags
>     <primitive: 'primitiveResolverGetNameInfo' module: 'SocketPlugin'>
>     flags == 0 ifTrue: [^self primGetNameInfo: socketAddress
>                         flags: SocketAddressInformation numericFlag].
>     self  
> primitiveFailed                                                    
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HERE
> Anyway, on the top right corner appears a cursor and the name I put  
> on the Telemorphic dialog (theOtherPc) in blue color. But I can't  
> understand how it works! I think the connection is not really  
> established...
> I hope u can understand me, I'm from Argentina so I don't speak  
> english very well..
> Thank you.

I'm afraid the telemorphic code isn't maintained anymore, so it is not  
unlikely it's broken. Also, it might not be suitable for games (can  
anybody comment on what telemorphic is supposed to do?)

When running in Sugar, Etoys does support network communication (in  
other environments it's too cumbersome to type IP addresses etc. so we  
are not exposing it). It uses EToySenderMorph (a.k.a. "badge") for  
sending and EToyListenerMorph for receiving. Both use EToyPeerToPeer  
for networking. Consult EToyIncomingMessage to see what once was  
supported, not all of that is functional anymore. We basically only  
use it to copy Etoys objects between machines. It is not wired up to  
make multiplayer games yet. But new message types and handlers can be  
registered. Would be a great addition to Etoys to support making  
networked games :)

If you are not running in Sugar you should be able to make badges and  
listeners by hand (typing in ip addresses), in the LAN this should work.

- Bert -

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