[Etoys] Connect two or more eToys Worlds

Mauro Esposito mauespo at gmail.com
Thu May 21 23:01:55 EDT 2009

my query is: I want to connect two (or more) laptops to interact each other.
I don't know if it is possible, but I found an option called "Telemorphic"
and I think that it could be useful for my idea. The problem is that I can't
find out the way it works. I want to share the same "world" to develope i.e.
multiplayer games or some like that..
I tried to connect one laptop to the other (I have a LAN) using the network
IP ( or but I got an error.

The Transcript showed:

My address is
Remote hand theOtherPc waiting for a connection...
Connecting to remote WorldMorph at

and the exeption is raised in the method

primGetNameInfo: socketAddress flags: flags

    <primitive: 'primitiveResolverGetNameInfo' module: 'SocketPlugin'>
    flags == 0 ifTrue: [^self primGetNameInfo: socketAddress
                        flags: SocketAddressInformation numericFlag].
    self primitiveFailed
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HERE

Anyway, on the top right corner appears a cursor and the name I put on the
Telemorphic dialog (theOtherPc) in blue color. But I can't understand how it
works! I think the connection is not really established...
I hope u can understand me, I'm from Argentina so I don't speak english very
Thank you.
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