[Etoys] A Favor

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Mon May 4 12:08:25 EDT 2009


I'd like to ask a favor of the members of the Etoys list. I've created a
website project at http://www.smalltalktelevision.com
If you have a moment I'd like some people to visit it and go to the host
page. There is an Etoys project on that page. As people, I expect, have the
Etoys plugin installed, you can tell me how its running in your browser.
I've got it running fine on my computers at home. I can't install the Etoys
plugin at a net cafe, so I'd like to know if people are seeing exactly what
I'm seeing. I won't tell you what the project is, though you've certainly
seen it before. If people could post what they're seeing here, I'd
appreciate it.

I have also created a five minute Flash video at the site, video number
eighteen, on the lessons page. It shows how a person with or without an OLPC
can put an Etoys project online using Seaside. I'd also be very interested
in peoples' views of what that video is telling them. With that, though,
there is a catch. You'd have to register for the site's free ten day trial.
If you wanted to register one day and then unsubscribe with PayPal the next,
that'd work fine.

At any rate, I've created a web project with some use of Etoys, and if you'd
visit that'd be great. If you have better things to do, I certainly


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