[Etoys] Quick testing of Etoys on Windows7

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Mar 25 13:39:41 EDT 2009

At Wed, 25 Mar 2009 21:37:30 +0900,
Korakurider wrote:
> Hi all.
> As Rita is trying to run Etoys on Windows7 (discussed in squeak-dev),
> I also tried it :-)
> I had to make small twaek on installer script;
> It checkes windows version and change file layout and replace some
> file (browser plugin).
> The trick was Win7 has its own version number "6.1" that the script
> was't aware of,
> (Vista is 6.0). Win7 is very similar to vista, so I made the script do
> same stuff for win7.
> With modified installer, Etoys is installed successfully, run without
> gotchas during making security key,
> run in IE8 (without protection mode though).
> This is just result quick testing.,,   I will test it extensively.
> How can I contribute the modified scripts?

  Thank you for trying this!


is the repository, which I think I still have the commit right.  But
making an issue at http://tracker.squeakland.org/ and attach file
would be appreciated!

-- Yoshiki

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