[Etoys] Etoys Quick Guides

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Mar 20 11:59:44 EDT 2009

On 20.03.2009, at 16:10, Ted Kaehler wrote:

> Bert,
> 	The instructions for how to convert a Quickguide from a .pr
> file to a .sexp.data.gz file are already in the OLPC image.  See the
> comment of class QuickGuideGenerator.

Ah, thanks.

> The purpose of QuickGuideGenerator is to put a guide in to the proper
> format for distribution.  (Thanks to Yoshiki for writing this
> converter and inventing the .sexp format.)

What is the advantage of using this format for guides? Why not simply  
use the pr files? They are much easier to deal with.

- Bert -

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