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Ted Kaehler Ted at VPRI.org
Fri Mar 20 11:10:19 EDT 2009

	The instructions for how to convert a Quickguide from a .pr 
file to a .sexp.data.gz file are already in the OLPC image.  See the 
comment of class QuickGuideGenerator.

** Here is a newer and simpler version **

Instructions to generate .sexp files for the Quick Guides.  These are 
the help system for Etoys.

To create a new guide, copy the bookmorph out of the QuickGuides 
flap.  Use the halos to completely change the contents.  Create help 
pages for a new topic.
When you are done, write the entire project out using "Keep the 
current project".  It is now a .pr file.
Look in the Quickguides folder to see how guide files are named.  You 
can rename the guides to have a title in the local language.  The 
file name must still starts with the original stem (NavBar, Paint, 
etc).  An example is NavBarSpeichern-und-Laden.pr

If you put the .pr into the QuickGuides folder, you will be able to 
see it in the Help flap.  (Click the Help button [?] once to close 
help, and once again to open it.)
You can test a .pr file in the QuickGuides folder, but it is not in 
the proper format to include in the OLPC build.

The purpose of QuickGuideGenerator is to put a guide in to the proper 
format for distribution.  (Thanks to Yoshiki for writing this 
converter and inventing the .sexp format.)
1) Make a folder called "To-Be-Converted" at the top level of your 
file system.  Put the .pr files of all new guides into this folder.
1.5) Make a folder called "Newer" in the folder that has the Etoys 
image file.  This must be a fresh new folder.
2) Start Etoys.  You will NOT save this image.
3) Execute
	QuickGuideGenerator new openInWorld.
4) Wait until a new window appears.
5) Find the folder "To-Be-Converted" in the list and click on it. 
It's path will appear in the top pane.
6) Press the "Generate" button. Wait.
7) Quit Etoys without saving.

8) "Newer" will now have a .sexp file for each guide that was a .pr 
file.   Files ending in .sexp contain Yoshiki's S-expression 
linearization of object trees.
9) Copy the .sexp files to QuickGuides, and remove the .pr files of 
the same name.
10) Start Squeak and view your new guides.


P.S.   How to use the guides, in case you have no idea what we are 
talking about!
Pressing the Help button [?] at the top left of the screen, brings up 
the QuickGuides flap.  The index page has categories of help.  The 
Jump To... button allows you to get to any help guide.

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