[Etoys] Opening a mp3 file

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Mar 18 14:56:51 EDT 2009

On 18.03.2009, at 18:51, luis ACEVEDO wrote:

>    Hi:

Hi Luis!

>        Recently in the OLPC Sur  list has appeared  a problem with  
> Etoys. When updating the version of Sugar (with a new Etoys vertion)  
> this has ceased to play mp3 files.

Yes. MP3 is patented and must be licensed, that's why OLPC made us  
take out the support for this.

> This is confusing and frustrating for most teachers as having  
> learned how to use  successfully Etoys for to play mp3 files in the  
> Sugar build 656.

I thought that in the new OS version, mp3 playing would be handled not  
by Etoys but by a different activity. I copied some people who might  
know more about this on this message.

> Is there any way to restore this functionality in the new version?



- Bert -

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