[Etoys] Opening a mp3 file

luis ACEVEDO patitoacevedo at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 18 13:51:34 EDT 2009


       Recently in the OLPC Sur  list has appeared  a problem with Etoys. When updating the version of Sugar (with a new Etoys vertion) this has ceased to play mp3 files. This is confusing and frustrating for most teachers as having learned
how to use  successfully Etoys for to play mp3 files in the Sugar build 656.


 Now the same procedure does not produce the
same results, just obtain the error message:

Error: a primitive has failed
Guardar / Abandonar / Depurar
Ha ocurrido un error, lo más fácil ahora es abandonar. Lo sentimos!!
Si depuro:
MPEGFile class(Object)>> error:
MPEGFile class(Object)>> primitiveFailed
MPEGFile class>>PrimFileValidMPEG
MPEGFile class>>isFileValidMPEG
etc, etc...

   Is there any way to restore this functionality in the new version?

Thanks in advance

Pato Acevedo


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