[Etoys] squeakland software team meet, 22-June-2009

Timothy Falconer timothy at immuexa.com
Mon Jun 22 16:01:24 EDT 2009

Attending: Milan Zimmerman, Scott Wallace, Yoshiki Ohshima, Takashi  
Yamamiya, Ted Kaehler

Today's talk was largely about our priorities for the summer release,  
given that we have four weeks left before Squeakfest Brasil. The focus  
on this release will be to address little stumbling blocks that trip  
up new users.

We agreed that the summer release would include all of the approved  
changes since January, along with the following:

* hideable toolbar for pre-XO content

* "standard mode" by default (1200x900 coordinate space, scaled to  
800x600 by default on desktops & browser)

* better "introduction to etoys" stuff to intrigue people during the  
first run

* sharing & loading projects to central server, similar to scratch

Another point that was addressed last week is:

* easy Etoys updates from the server, with periodic reminders

We really need more developers to help us out, both now and in the  
future.  If you have a little extra time to help the children of the  
world, click "contact" on squeakland.org.

Timothy Falconer
Immuexa Corporation

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