[Etoys] broken links

Angel Arias futuhat at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 16:48:18 EDT 2009


sorry, but i got a new question!

first of all, i'd like to say that i'm preparing a five days workshop
about "active essays" [in granada, spain] next week during a film
festival called "cines del sur" [ http://www.cinesdelsur.com/ ]. the
aim of the granada film festival "cines del sur" ("cinemas from the
south") is to disseminate and promote films made in the countries of
the so-called geopolitical south.

so, in the workshop, we are going to use OLPC-XO laptops and squeak
etoys software in order to create an active essay about jose val del
omar [spanish inventor and cinema visionarie, 1904-1982] [
http://www.valdelomar.com/ ]. once the workshop is finished, we are
going to donate these laptops to children from a poor area in north
africa or south america [not decided yet].

i'm preparing some projects for the workshop using etoys in a OLPC-XO
machine. some etoys projects use sound and movies. i'm saving the
projects and their multimedia files in a USB device. i woud like
people to take USB devices at home and transfer the content to their
computers to keep working there.

the problem i found is that the link between projects and files break
when i transfer the content to [i.e.] a macbook [i always keep folders
hierarchy]. i think etoys uses absolute paths to find files so my
question is:

is there any chance to keep links between projects and multimedia
files unaltered when changing the platform?

thank you for reaching this point of this long email. and sorry for my
awful english. i do my best!


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