[Etoys] NetMorph

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Jun 8 11:00:37 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

prompted by Martin Bleichner's request for more powerful networking in  
Etoys I had a look at NetMorph again. If you don't know it yet, see


Amazing collaborative stuff our Japanese friends did there!

I tried to load it into a current Etoys image. After some fiddling it  
kind-of works:

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Here, I can control the Ellipse's movement locally. When I press the  
"warpOver" button it "warps" to a different machine but I can still  
control it from my local machine. Pressing the "warpHome" button  
brings it back.

That's so awesome! Making multi-player games with this is almost  
trivial :)

I had to code the warp-scripts textually because the "net morph"  
category in the viewer remains empty. Maybe someone else could figure  
out why. This appears to be the only major problem. Normally, all this  
can be done with tiles.

To install, first open the "SqueakMap package loader" and let it  
update itself. Close it. Then, file-in the attached NetMorphEtoys4a.st  
which will churn for quite a while installing lots of packages and end  
with an error when trying to add the japanese translations. At that  
point, I ran the remaining initialization steps by hand ;)

I put the resulting image here:


If you duplicate that image you can run two instances on one machine  
which works fine. They find each other automagically.

Now, this adds about 1 MB to the regular image. If we could make it  
work reliably I'd say that's probably worth it. OTOH it pulls in a lot  
of stuff (e.g. the Komanche web server, SOAP client and server etc)  
that probably could be done more simply. In particular, under Sugar it  
should not use this home-grown infrastructure but the Telepathy  

In any case this would be a great addition to Etoys. Maybe someone  
knows a bright student who could make it work?

- Bert -
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