[Etoys] What now ?

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 08:36:50 EST 2009

OLPC did layoff much of their engineering team, but that was almost
entirely unrelated to Sugar. Sugar spun out of OLPC six months ago and
is a growing: it is now available on most major GNU/Linux
distributions and many more hardware platforms than just the OLPC-XO-1
laptop.  (Almost anything that can run Linux can run Sugar/Etoys.)


On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 8:18 AM, Karl Ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> hearing the news that much of the Sugar dev team is fired I now wonder
> if there is any point in working on Sugar integration anymore. I have
> started on a JournalMorph where one could obtain pictures and sounds
> etc. from the Journal to link in or import into a project, but now I
> have slight doubts about if there is any use for such a thing ?
> Do you guys have any thoughts on the future ?
> Karl
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