[Etoys] Strange problem with file access

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Fri Jan 9 14:59:57 EST 2009

I am sugarizing iStoa, it comes with its own virtual machine and image.
The image comes with Magma and I am conducting tests on the XO.

I see a strange behavior:

When I start iStoa from the Sugar application dock, I can not open the
Magma database from iStoa. It complains it cannot open the database
file. I try to follow what is happening from the debugger, and it
seems to be related to
However the path to the Magam databse file is fine and correct.

Now when I start iStoa from a terminal activity with the command:
I can open the database without problem.

The database is in ./Activities/iStoa.net.activity/resources/Magma

I am wondering: are there restrictions on file i/o when an activity is
started from the Sugar application dock?


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