[Etoys] [ANN] Sugar bundle iStoa.net v. 8.12-alpha1

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Fri Jan 9 14:55:27 EST 2009


Not sure where to announce it, so here it goes.

I am releasing an alpha bundle of iStoa.net for Sugar. It is only a
demo of iStoa.net to play with the learning activities.
There are about 40 etayages (kind-of scaffolding), and all in all more
than 150 exercises.

The following piece of Smalltalk code executed and printed in a
Workspace of the iStoa environment will give you the exact number of
(IFIEtayage allSubclasses inject: 0 into: [:n :each | n + each
basicInstance stepNumber])

Learner activity recording and guidance is not enabled or easily
accessible from this bundle. It will requier too much fine tuning,
explanations and test from me right now. It is however present in the

The bundle can be downloaded directly from this url:

Of course feedback regarding the activities is very welcome.

The iStoa.net website is www.istoa.net, and its contents is still in
French only.

PS: Btw I have not solved the problem with file access restriction
from a sugar bundle.



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