[Etoys] Sound in SoaS

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Apr 11 05:23:59 EDT 2009

On 11.04.2009, at 02:44, Pato Acevedo wrote:

> Hi Guys:
> > > >
> > > > The Etoys log file had the known "soundStart:  
> snd_add_pcm_handler:
> > > > Function not implemented" message. So I added the -vm-sound-OSS
> > > > workaround to /usr/bin/etoys and then sound in Etoys played  
> fine.
> > > >
>    Can you to share a step by step mini how to about to enable the  
> sound in Etoys in this way?

launch terminal activity
type "su" to become root
type "pico /usr/bin/etoys" to edit
edit the line
     VMOPTIONS="-encoding UTF-8 -vm-display-x11 -xshm"
to have the -vm-sound-OSS option:
     VMOPTIONS="-encoding UTF-8 -vm-display-x11 -xshm -vm-sound-OSS"
press ctrl-x to exit, say Y to save

> Thanks in advance.
> Pato Acevedo
> P.D.:
> I'm trying the last SOAS (Soas2-200904062216) and in both my desktop  
> and  the Classmate 2 when changing project Etoys I obtain a  black  
> screen for a fraction of a second . Am I the only one, or someone  
> else reported this behavior? It is strange because the image is  
> displayed first but then the screen goes to black, "wink" and then  
> reappears the last screen that was flashing before. For example, in  
> the Etoy´s splash screen I make click in the cloud called "Gallery  
> of projects" can to see a thumbnails for all projects but   
> immediately the screen go and return from black. When press the  
> Previous project buttom is the same.

Yes, it's been reported multiple times because it indeed is rather  


- Bert -

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