[Etoys] Etoys activity for Chinese(china) don't have "submit " button on Pootle server

Li Zhang alice.zhang at nortel.com
Mon Oct 27 02:53:28 EDT 2008


    For problem in title,I searched Wiki faq page ,found that:   
    I can't translate! (or) I only get the "Suggest" button and not the
"Submit" button 
	Several possibilities: 
1.	Pootle account - by default, anonymous users aren't allowed to
translate, so you need to register first. 
	I've registered and I have submit permissons to other activities
2.	Pootle language - in order to to have 'access' to a given
project you need to have a language in your user options that is
associated to the project 
3.	Pootle project - you must have the project in your list of
projects in your user options in order to be considered as a
non-anonymous translator 
4.	Language+Project rights - although projects are relatively open
(suffices to be registered to be able to translate) those rights are
specified by the administrator. If all of the above are satisfied please
ask your language administrator(s) or ask in the mailing list
<http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/localization> . 
 My user option is:
Chinese (China) <https://dev.laptop.org/translate/zh_CN/>  
Etoys <https://dev.laptop.org/translate/zh_CN/etoys/>  

 However, I still can't submit translation to Etoys(Chinese). For
choose new graphic
                                    back  skip  copy  suggest   (no
submit button) 
 I don't know what I should do to make submit work well.  
 Would you someone please tell me why and what I shoud do if I want to
translate Etoys in Chinese(China)?

 Thanks & regards.

Alice Zhang(Zhang Li)
*Tel: +86-10-6510-7710	*ESN: 542-7710

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