[Etoys] pangoRenderer

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Oct 20 09:33:10 EDT 2008

  Hi, Markus,

> Obviously there are several languages where these "phrases" are translated 
> the wrong way, i.e. literally instead of what they're meant for - despite 
> of the comments in the translation files.


> Being a translator (language-admin for German) myself, I think, etoys.mo 
> is the wrong place for the following strings:
> Not being a developer, I have no idea which values to put in there. Maybe 
> "Win-Font", "Mac-Font" and "Linux-Font" are reasonable for languages 
> needing special glyphs (I just don't know that, whence I left them empty), 
> but "Font-Scale" and "Suppress-Bold" should rather be user-preferences 
> than something translators have to decide about, I'd say.

  The set was brought from Scratch, but does not map well with the
current Etoys features.  The idea even was that Scratch had larger
number of languages supported so the data should have been easily
migrated from Scratch... But it was not the case for various reasons.

-- Yoshiki

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