[Etoys] feedback regarding the paint tool in Etoys

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 08:47:50 EDT 2008

Her work looks really nice, which I read French.

The paint box tool is nice and basic but it's not easy to extend it's
Sometimes I think about making a tool that is a little more advanced
and that have  a more modular design so new tools can be added more


On 10/2/08, K. K. Subramaniam <subbukk at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 02 Oct 2008 1:14:13 pm Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
>> Regarding the use of Etoys in PC workstation, Suzanne Guyader a
>> retired arts teacher told me she miss the thin pencil size for
>> drawing.
> Three options depending on how many such shapes she needs.
> 1. Use a 5x5 Rectangle (set its pensize to 1 and pendown to true) to leave
> 1-pixel trail in a playfield by using its halo "move" button. Use "pickup"
> halo button to lift it. When the picture is ready, use "hand me .." button
> from the watcher menu of "pentrail graphic" tile in "pentrails" category of
> this playfield.
> 2. Create a Text object with "TinyPaint new openInHand" and press ALT+d.
> This
> will yield a small gray canvas for painting. Choose pensize and color from
> the halo "red" button. When done, use "grab morph" tool to carve out a
> sketch
> from it.
> 3. Attached picture shows how to create a custom "lasso style" button for
> sketches that require 1-pixel wide stampings. To create it,
> 1. Pick a scriptable button ("Press Me") from the Supplies
> 2. Bring up halo and click on lime-green script button
> 3. open up script menu
> 4. click on "show code textually"
> 5. Replace "^self" with the command shown. Press ALT+s to accept changes.
> 6. Close the script.
> 7. Rename button label if you like.
> Now whenever the button is pressed, you get a '+' cursor. Use it like lasso
> tool to draw any figure. When done, you get a 1-pixel wide polygonal Etoy
> with transparent interior. This can be stamped repeatedly in a playfield.
> FWIW .. Subbu

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