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Marta Voelcker marta at pensamentodigital.org.br
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Randal, Jecel and all,


June is also possible, but, I was thinking how Smalltalk Conference and how
FISL atmosphere relate to the Squeakfest that I had in mind (similar to
Chicago 2007)... 


I have limited experience, but the way I see things, the currently biggest
challenge for E-toys growth is not on its code, is not related to software,
but to teachers and schools reps. It is related to communicating what for,
and how to, use it inside schools. 


In this context, making a metaphor with sports, let's say... with NBA - I
see the developers/programmers as the wise and experienced coaches, and I
see the  teachers as the players. They are those who score, who make it
happen inside the classroom - I would like to see them becoming the stars,
shining in this context! 


The name Squeakfest made history already, and so we plan to keep it, but in
fact, the idea is not about squeak-the programming language- the idea is
gathering together to share experience and plans  about E-toys.


Talking about e-toys I am particularly motivated about 2009 - the landscape
had never been so proper to make it growth. Taking growth as explained by 

David Cavallo's in his paper - Models of growth — towards fundamental change
in learning environments - ... as the terms replication and scaling are
themselves problematic and misleading.  I see 2009 proper for growth because
OLPC has already delivered XOs in schools in many countries; technology
price had go down also in developing countries
    But schools  will need
initiated teachers, teachers active in e-toys community, to make it happen.

 Maybe,  relating Squeakfest with a big  software conferences might scare

In the other hand, making Squeakfest  close to an IT for Education
conference (WCCE) is probably going to increase attendance of teachers and
people from education area.


Let me know your thoughts,




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>>>>> "Marta" == Marta Voelcker <marta at pensamentodigital.org.br> writes:


Marta>  It is time to continue to plan and decide things about Squeakfest

Marta> 2009. My colleagues and I have been talking and we are enthusiastic

Marta> hold a gathering in Porto Alegre on July 23rd to 25th ( Thursday to

Marta> Saturday).  Another International Conference about IT for Ed - WCCE

Marta> -world conference in computers for education is going to take place

Marta> near Porto Alegre in the following week - July 27th to 31st.  We

Marta> thought that some of the people coming for Squeakfest would get

Marta> interested in attending WCCE and vice versa.


Please also note the addition of an entire 3-day Smalltalk Mini-Conf within

FISL 10, a mere three weeks earlier within the same city!  How much

smalltalking can Porto Alegre handle? :)



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