[Etoys] Squeakfest 2009

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Fri Nov 21 18:09:29 EST 2008

Marta Voelcker wrote:
> [Squeakfest 2009 in Porto Alegre on July 23rd to 25th]
> [IT for Ed  - WCCE near Porto Alegre July 27th to 31st]

This sounds like a great plan, but don't forget that this will make it
also close to FISL, to be held in Porto Alegre as well on June 24 to 27
(Randal Schwartz wrote 25 to 28 in his blog) and which is supposed to
have a three day Smalltalk track organized by Randal. I hope there will
also be several OLPC related activities at FISL 2009 like there were
this year.

The problem is that nearly a month is too close for two trips down there
but too far away for a single trip for both events. Unfortunately I
don't have any good suggestions. For locals, of course, it will be

-- Jecel

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