[Etoys] Another eToys on XO testemonial

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Nov 20 08:02:01 EST 2008

On 20.11.2008, at 13:50, Greg Smith wrote:

> Hi All,
> FYI here is another link I saw recently about people using eToys with
> the XO. Interestingly, they used the tutorials on your web site to  
> great
> effect.
> http://blog.laptopmag.com/olpc-mali-collaboration-emerges-as-the-program-winds-down

Nice :)

> I see one feature requests in there about allowing people to change  
> the
> size of the cursor. Since everything can be modified on the fly, I
> imagine that is possible already. If so you may want to document it
> somewhere and if not you may want to add it.

Well, there actually is a preference indeed to enable the big cursor,  
and it is of course enabled on the XO for its 200 dpi screen (the  
regular 16 pixels-tall cursor is *tiny*). We already made the cursor  
quite a bit smaller and pointier than Eben's Sugar default cursor. But  
maybe it's still too large ...

Takashi, what do you think?

> I'm not sure what version of the XO they had in Mali but I would guess
> that its an old one with cursor control problems which have been
> minimized in later releases.

Well, the touchpad seems to be the single biggest annoyance of the  
current hardware. I noticed that the Waveplace pilots in the Carribean  
actually provided USB mice to children. Any idea when the new touchpad  
goes into production?

- Bert -

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