[Etoys] OGG

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Nov 13 05:05:45 EST 2008

On 13.11.2008, at 10:29, antonio wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm testing GstreamerPlayer with an OGG video but I get an error:  
> "Compressed data is corrupt",
> I work with a Debian Lenny, EtoysV4.sources and whit a very recent  
> version of squeak-vm_3.10.3... that includes all the neccesary (I  
> believe),
> Can be the problem out of the VM?,
> I speak about librairies..., perhaps developers have done the test  
> with Fedora linux and there are some diferences. I have installed  
> most of gstreammer0.10 packages but, for example, I see in Fedora  
> gstreamer-python-0.10.11-2.fc9.i386.rpm, and Debian uses python- 
> gst0.10.
> We can investigate inside the VM, but I would like to be sure the  
> problem isn't out.

Hi Antonio,

The GStreamer support is still experimental and may very well not even  
work anymore. Help appreciated.

- Bert -

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