[Etoys] v-toys for OLPC

Dreyfuss Pierre-André (EDU) pierre-andre.dreyfuss at edu.ge.ch
Mon May 26 06:12:52 EDT 2008


v-toys for OLPC are available at:


You'll find some documentation and tutorials on the same page.
V-toys is a visual scripting system compatible with Etoys.

Easier for beginners and international in the sense that tiles are identified by icons instead of text.
It was presented at the c5 conference in Poitiers


Help balloons in English  will help using the tiles  and explain what kind of parameter is needed.

I am translating now 'Etiquettes actives' (active labels) which is an easier way for programming to very beginners.

You can see and download the  french version  at:


Watch the list: Other projects are coming:

Examples of Projects mixing DRGeo and E-toys.

An Expert system (forward chaining.)

  Written in Smalltalk, it is working but I have to build the interface for the use with v-toys.
It is already working in a project for driving a tic tac toe game and in a project making deductions about figures of DrGeo.

Best regards

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