[Etoys] etoys image freezing?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed May 14 04:26:18 EDT 2008

On 14.05.2008, at 03:38, polishookm wrote:

> Yoshiki,
> I'm finding if I just make the (sound) objects as one step and then  
> as a
> second step play them then everything appears to be very stable and I
> can't freeze the image.
> " first this line"
> s := SampledSound soundNamed: 'camera'.
> " evaluate this line (as many times as needed ) "
> s play.
> If I make a new object and attempt to play it at the same time, I can
> usually cause the freeze - but only when doing this over and over and
> over and over again.
> " repeat both lines over and over again "
> r := RepeatingSound repeat: s count: 2.
> r play.
> However, I tried the same thing on a an etoys-dev.image in Windows
> (running in VmWare) and was unable to replicate the freeze.
> So .... I'm not quite sure of my conclusion which is something along  
> the
> lines of 1st make the object and 2nd play it (rather than combining  
> both
> steps). I think the issue with the freeze I originally reported is a
> non-issue.
> Thanks very much for the time you spent in guiding me through the
> troubleshooting process.

I tried again to reproduce this, on a MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.2,  
Squeakland VM 3.8.17b5, downloaded etoys-dev.zip, unpacked, updated,  
ran your code. Over and over. No freeze.

- Bert -

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