[Etoys] etoys image freezing?

polishookm polishookm at mail.montclair.edu
Mon May 12 00:31:55 EDT 2008

>   Yes, try different sound separately and see if they make some
> difference.

I just opened Squeak 3.9 from www.squeak.org copied the sound code I've 
been running there. I had no problems at all. (And that was 
experimenting with sounds built into the image and the fox.aiff sound to 
which my code refers.

Returning to etoys-dev.image, running the same code, I was able to 
freeze the image fairly quicky (between 10 to 20 doits).

.... I restarted Squeak (etoys-dev.image) and experimented only with the 
following code (using only the camera sound that comes with Squeak).

SampledSound playSoundNamed: 'camera'

s := (SampledSound soundNamed:  'camera').
s play.

r := RepeatingSound repeat: s count: 2.
r play

After 70 or so doits, Squeak freezes. Another sympton I saw on this go 
round of the test was that the 2 or 3 doits before the actual freeze, 
Squeak became slightly unresponsive. And then it froze.

Yoshiki - Sorry to belabor this .... and thanks very much for taking the 
time to answer my questions.



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