[Etoys] #6969 NORM Never A: Textual Player Refs in Imported Morphs

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Thu May 8 20:15:00 EDT 2008

On 5/9/08, Derek O'Connell <doconnel at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  So if this is an issue you've only encountered in Squeak3.9, perhaps this
> >  item would be more appropriately filed on the squeak.org bug-tracking
> >  system.
> Are you suggesting this is a 3.9 issue? The problem occurs when I load
> morphs with textual scripts created in other images
> (3.9/3.10/dev-image, etc, ie, not *just* 3.9) into the OLPC image. So
> to me it looks like an OLPC image issue and I don't see how a one
> image could anticipate unique morth/player naming for another image.
> PS: Just to reiterate, the issue arises because I want to transfer my
> existing morphs *from* other non-OLPC images *to* the OLPC image. Not
> an uncommon task I hope.
     OLPC etoys image is *still* based on Squeak3.8.  Unfortunately
Etoys basically don't support downward compatibility like 3.9/3.10 to
3.8/olpc. so I think it might not be easy for such problem to get
serious investigation by developers.  It would be very nice if you can
reproduce it within  OLPC image.

For this thread, maybe etoys list would be better fit that devel.

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